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PA Media Group is committed to developing a workforce that is representative of the world which we, as a collective group of eight businesses, serve. We seek to have a workforce that is inspired and excited to deliver the excellence that we pride ourselves on: a workforce that feels at home in any area of the Group; a workforce that is proud to be a part of our journey.

And so, with that mind, we set out here a PA Media Group Charter that brings together the key values we want to live and work by every single day, across every business, and in every team.

We want our people to be…



We want to empower our employees to be themselves – be that in a meeting, workshop or brainstorm to when they’re grabbing a coffee, out to lunch or at a social event. We understand our greater Group goals, and we know the critical role our personality, skills and expertise have in achieving them.



We want to continue to place integrity at the heart of everything we do, PA Media – our news agency – has been built on truth and authentically, and we want this ethos to permeate across all of our businesses, how we interact with each other, and how we conduct ourselves.



We want to foster a culture where we are bold and brave, where it’s okay to challenge and to be challenged. We want to promote an environment where no question is too hard and no answer is too difficult – where voices are alwsys heard, humble and curious.



we’re understanding of everyone, their challenges and their opportunities, across the Group. Where Sticky knows the challenges of Alamy, where PA Media knows the opportunities of StreamAMG, and where we all pull together behind a common goal.



We want our people to represent the world it covers and serves – that is diverse both of person and thought, and encourages inclusivity and equity at every turn.



We want to foster a environment that you want to be a part of, that you want to tell your friends and family about, and that you’re proud to play an integral role within.