Q&A with Sean Donkin, Marketing Manager for PA Betting Services.

For over 60 years, PA Betting Services has been the cornerstone of excellence, revolutionising the betting landscape with its unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier data and content. Our legacy is steeped in a rich history of serving the racing and betting community, offering unparalleled coverage in horse and greyhound racing that is unmatched in both speed and precision.

In our recent staff Q&A session, we are delighted to introduce Sean Donkin, our accomplished Marketing Manager. Sean brings forth a wealth of industry experience spanning more than twenty years across various sectors. With a fervour for comprehending customer journeys and a knack for tackling challenges head-on, delve deeper into Sean’s insights and expertise in his Q&A session.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I have worked in marketing for over 20 years, for both small SME’s to multi-billion pound businesses across a number of industries. I have been fortunate to work in construction, automotive, energy, hospitality, wholesale and most recently gambling. I have always had a passion for marketing, understanding the customer and their buying journey, whilst being very target driven helps businesses problem-solve to ensure they achieve their targets. Every business I have worked for has posed a significantly different challenge, customer base, geography which has enabled me to be the marketer I am today.

Describe your role at PA Betting Services and what it entails.

I am currently working with the team to create a robust marketing strategy that will deliver our targets.  My role will cover all things marketing, from the website & digital to events & comms, to ensure we stay connected to new and existing customers in our industry.

How have you been finding your new role so far?

I have thoroughly enjoyed the first few weeks, getting to know the team, the business, and our products. We have a great team who are very knowledgeable about what we do, the industry, and they have really helped me to integrate into my role. I love their rapport, how they work & how they support each other. They have also been receptive to new ideas as marketing isn’t just one way, but they trust your knowledge & experience to help better ourselves.

From your perspective, what has been the most significant change in the betting world?

Technology is ever-evolving and continually unlocks new possibilities of what a bookmaker can offer a customer, which will also transform how customers engage, access information, track statistics, and interact with media. In the past, checking race schedules and stats meant reviewing newspapers, while placing bets involved visiting a bookmaker’s shop. However, technology has enabled instant access to information, enabling round-the-clock betting on a wide array of both games and sports. Real-time, in-play betting has revolutionised the betting experience, moving away from the rigid options of the past. Today, features like requesting specific bets or pausing certain aspects during live betting are available, show the technological development in the betting experiences evolution. The future of these developments remains uncertain, as who knows what further evolution and innovation will arise.

Looking ahead to the next five years, what changes do you anticipate in the industry?

Artificial Intelligence is growing very quickly, and if it isn’t already then it is the next big thing. I do believe AI will become an industry in itself just like social media, digital, and others, as I think we are only just touching the surface. As to how much and how far AI goes I don’t know, but legislation will play a big part in determining that otherwise anything is possible.  

Could you share with us your favourite sports to watch or participate in, and how that passion influences you in work?

I have played sports my entire life – I was mad on Football as a kid, I have a black belt in Muay Thai, I played County Cricket for around 12 years, and now play a lot of Golf with a handicap of 1. Each of these sports helped me develop a wide range of skills from teamwork, strategy, resilience, and determination, to understanding techniques & focus. Sport is no different to business, in my profession I have to work closely with the team, create robust strategies to achieve, and ensure I am resilient to deliver.  

Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies and interests?

I love developing and challenging myself every day, both in & outside of work. My main hobby is Golf – I have a handicap of 1 and I hope one day to get to scratch, which I hope is only a few rounds away.

I enjoy spending time with my family – I am due to become a dad for the first time early next year which I am really excited about.

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